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Broadband Deployment

Accenture provides the guidance, structures and resources to help service providers drive revenue growth and cost savings by effectively deploying and supporting high-speed broadband networks.

Consumer demand for high-speed networks is strong, but effectively monetizing broadband deployment will be a challenge. Operators hope that higher speeds will translate into higher subscription fees, but whether consumers will be willing to pay more to get more is uncertain at best. In the end, margins will continue to be tight. The increased demand for data services means that operators must rethink how they plan and engineer their networks to keep up with demand—balancing long-term market needs with short-term profitability. Many providers are challenged when it comes to both wireline and wireless broadband deployment because they lack the capacity to plan, build, integrate, deploy and operate a new network. They may not have the skills, or available personnel, to enhance their organization, processes and systems to support new network architectures and technologies.

Given these challenges, it is imperative that service providers begin with a careful network strategy and planning phase, setting forth a realistic and properly phased investment plan. Providers must consider a broad range of issues: profitable customer segments and geographies, regulatory constraints, effective businesscase development and, perhaps most important, customer migration strategies that will enable a provider to shut down its legacy network environment to reduce expenditures.

Our offerings, spanning both wireless and wireline broadband networks, target all aspects of deploying and operating a network efficiently, including network planning, service delivery and assurance, and workforce effectiveness. • Wireline broadband networks: We provide a full set of capabilities to support service providers in planning, deploying and operating their next-generation fixed access and distribution networks, including FTTx, DOCSIS, Ethernet/VPLS, IP/MPLS and other technologies. • Wireless broadband networks: Accenture helps service providers in planning, deploying and operating their 3G and 4G broadband wireless networks and nextgeneration services. We offer advanced skills and solutions in machine-to-machine services, including technology integration. We help our clients develop and implement strategies for hybrid networks, assess regulatory implications and analyze impacts on the network organization, processes and IT infrastructure. Other aspects of our advanced broadband deployment offerings include:

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• A transformation strategy that includes a realistically phased investment plan. • Customer migration strategies that help enable shut down of expensive legacy network environments. • Operating processes that allow for network efficiency, including service introduction. • Testing of network technologies and configurations. • A next-generation operations support system to support service fulfillment and assurance. • Service delivery platform and value-added services for revenue generation.

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