Billion Dollar Table at Dangote Daughter’s Wedding 2018 #famil2018

I have had alot about this Billion Dollar Table at #famil2018 . The wedding that made Nigeria to stand still! Even My Uncle @femi_otedola had to stand because ehm level no reach sitting on that table😀😀 It was a table of Money Meet Power! But the moral of that table I want to bring out is this; A hard working man provides leverage for his children children. Dangote can give his children Wings, But he can’t teach them how to fly.

So the Big Question is this; What Wing are you leaving for your children? What Leverage? If they can maximize it or not is a question for another day but what leverage are you providing ? If this is the only reason that should make you be determine about building your personal finance, please do it. A “Good” Man leaves an inheritance for his Children Children.

Get Busy and make something happen for your next Generation today! @dangote @olusegunobasanjo @lamidosanusi @djcuppy @aishabuhari

Love you Guys!
Stephen Akintayo
Africa‘s Most Sought After Personal Finance Coach.

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