Best Currency Exchange Places in Berlin

Best Currency Exchange Places in Berlin

Best Currency Exchange Places in Berlin

The city of Berlin is a superb place for artistic and literary expression. The cultural and nightlife scene in the German capital is as diverse as the city’s art and historical offerings.

It’s likely that everyone will find something to like. You’ll want some of Berlin’s money on hand to cover your expenses while you’re there.

Where can I exchange currency in Berlin?

Here is a rundown of where you can get the best exchange rates for Euros in this multifaceted metropolis.

Information you Should have Before doing a Currency Exchange

You should be aware of the current exchange rate in Berlin. Researching currency conversion rates in advance is a smart move.

The midmarket rate is the one you should focus on learning. Google or will give you the actual exchange rate. A currency exchange bureau will not give you this rate.

They market exchange rates that are below the market average. Using a currency converter, you can see how the provided Euro rates compare to the mid-market rate. By adding the hidden costs to the visible ones, you may get a better idea of how much your transaction will really cost.

Best Currency Exchange Places in Berlin

Rates of Exchange are Subject to constant Fluctuation.

Rates of exchange are subject to wide swings, the most common ones occurring in more heavily traveled currency corridors. Rates are sensitive to external variables like policy choices made by governments and the economy.

While in Berlin, keep an eye on any news that might affect the value of the currency you want to exchange. If you have this information, you may potentially choose a good moment to do a currency exchange.

Check the Affiliations of your Current Bank before you Depart.

See whether your bank has any foreign partners in Berlin. If so, you may be allowed to use the ATM of the partner bank for no charge or at a reduced rate.

This should be verified with your home bank before you depart, and the bank should be informed that you will be using the card internationally.

In Berlin, you may get cash quickly and easily at an ATM. Keep in mind that you will still be paid a fee for each withdrawal, but that the exchange rate will likely be more favorable than what you would obtain at an exchange bureau. Therefore, it is advisable to organize your finances in advance and do fewer, bigger transactions.

Currency Bureau     Address                                             Contact Information

Euro Change.                                   Hubertusstraße 14, 12163 Berlin.              +49 30 7928020

Ria Money Transfer        Karl-Marx-Straße 87, 10785 Berlin            +49 30 68085585

Ria Money Transfer        Friedrichstraße 200, 10117 Berlin              +49 30 200767674

Exchange AG.                    Bayreuther Str. 37, 10787 Berlin                 +49 30 21476292

Choose to be Charged in the Local Currency at all Times.

Always choose the local currency option when using an ATM to withdraw cash. If you choose the second option (being charged in your native currency), the ATM will use its own exchange rate to do the transaction.

You won’t benefit from this pricing, and you’ll probably have to pay more for this service on top of it. Instead of being charged in USD, the ATM will bill you in EUR, saving you money.

Don’t Change Money at Airports or Hotels.

Changing money in hotels or airports is frowned upon. They have a captive audience, hence their prices and exchange rates are excessive. Until you can reach one of the tourist offices in the city center, exchange just the amount of money you need to get by. If there is enough competition, prices in these sectors should drop, benefiting consumers. You might also use the services of a reputable ATM provider to get Euros.

Spend Your Money before you Go.

Plan beforehand how much money you’ll need to convert for your vacation. You will incur additional fees when converting Euros back to your own currency. Instead of saving the money for a future trip to Europe, put it to use now, particularly the coins.

Where in Berlin can I Change Money?

There will always be a cost associated with exchanging money, whether it be a flat amount or a percentage of the total. To get the best price, you should first check the current mid-market rate and then compare it to the rates offered to tourists. The following are some options for face-to-face meetings in Berlin.

In conclusion

Be careful to compare the tourist exchange rate to the actual mid-market exchange rate if you intend on exchanging money at a Berlin exchange bureau. To get the best bargain, you should consider not just the published price but also any additional, hidden expenses.

Getting euros from an ATM is the simplest method. Picking the local currency as your billing option will provide you a better exchange rate. Even better, utilize Wise to prearrange the transfer if you or a friend in Berlin has access to a EUR bank account.

Since your currency is received and delivered through local banking systems in both your home country and in Germany, all those pesky foreign bank fees vanish when using Wise. This is because Wise uses the true mid-market exchange rate, which nearly usually beats the banks.

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