Beef Okra soup | Beef Okra soup Ingredients

Beef Okra soup
• 12 medium sized Okra “Lady fingers”
• 500g Beef
• Stock fish/ Dried fish
• 1 medium sized onion
• 3 tbsp. Crayfish
• 1 cooking spoon palmoil
• 2 Seasoning Cubes
• Salt to taste
• A handful Ugu leaves “Chopped” – Optional

Step 1: Wash the beef into a medium sized pot. Soak the stock fish in hot water for about 10 mins till it softens, rinse with water and place in the pot. Add the chopped onion, pepper, crushed seasoning cubes and salt to taste. Cook for about 30 minutes till tender – Set aside

Step 2: Wash the Okra with clean water. With a grater, Grate the Okra. Transfer the grated okra into a small pot and add the Beef Stock, Palm oil and Crayfish.

Step 3: Leave to cook on medium heat for 10 minutes. Add the ugu leaves and cook further for about 5 mins (it wasn’t included in this recipe).

Turn off the burner and serve with your favorite swallow.

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