An Innovative Approach to the Farm Yield Challenge

Improving yield is an age-old challenge for farms and always will be. However, for the first time in a generation, digital technologies enable farmers to achieve a quantum leap forward in their performance. While improving yield is good for a farm’s profitability, it’s also increasingly critical to addressing the growing demand for food among an ever-increasing global population. Couple this with a lower environmental impact due to reduced water wastage, chemical run-off and CO2 emissions, and one can see the critical role digital technologies play in fostering sustainable farming practices.

That’s why it’s important for all participants in the agriculture ecosystem to embrace new and emerging digital technologies to make their operations more efficient, productive and profitable. By using the Accenture Precision Agriculture Service, large farms can harness and make sense of a wide range of relevant data to increase the amount of food they produce from the same acreage while potentially improving their financial performance. Similarly, with the Accenture Connected Crop Solution, agro-input companies can improve field agent productivity and product sales while helping smaller farms use inputs more effectively in order to improve their yields.

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