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Allen ifechukwu onyema

Story about Allen ifechukwu onyema:

Allen ifechukwu onyema was born in 1964 in Benin.onyeama as the first of nine children. He hails from Anambra state, he was studied law in the University of Ibadan and graduated in 1987. He attended the Nigerian bar school and was called to Bar in 1988. He is the CEO of Air peace Airlines which he established in 2013.

He is married to Alice ojochide Ejembi from kogi stare with whom they have four children. They met in Abuja and married in 1993

In 2007 he became the second African to be ever appointed to the Global brand in Dec 2007. His works of peace particularly on the areas of transforming the restive youth of the Niger Delta Region has earned him several national and international honors and recognition

After the Xenophobic attacks by South Africans against Nigerians many of them decided to return home . To help them Allen Onyema volunteered to fly them home home with his Air peace Boeing 777 aircraft for the evacuation of 520 Nigerians which cost him over 280 million naira

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