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Bantus Photo is building the biggest African Online Stock Photography website to cater to the entire African continent and beyond.

Bantu photos stocks fresh images and footage depicting Africa and its inhabitants as we know it and not how we are perceived. We welcome ALL images about Africa and Africans reflective of- how we live, how we work, how we love, our culture, our art and what’s important to us.

Often times, individuals and companies cannot find images for their editorial and creative needs that are African. So, we want to curate images that especially fall into the following categories:

What is Bantu Photos?

Bantu Photos is an Africa-related stock resource company that licenses professional royalty-free photos, vectors and video that can be incorporated into any creative or editorial project.

Bantu photos is an online photo marketplace specifically for photographers, developers and artists who want to earn money while doing what they love. They earn when individuals or companies pay to use those images for editorials, marketing campaigns and other creative needs.

As contributors and creators, you will always retain the ownership of the copyright. We will only LICENSE the rights to the customer to use your image. Ownership of the images will not change and a licensing fee will be paid for the use of those images based on our very simple pricing model.

We accept all kinds of images as long as they are decent and meet our technical standards.

Our payment is straightforward and simple. Basic subscriptions plans and one off payments for images. No contracts.

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The Bantu Photos library comprises multiple collections of unique visual stock that captures people, landscapes, wildlife and all that is African in nature and outlook from perspectives relevant to a large number of topical issues. Tons of images and videos from different types of categories that have a connection to Africa can be found and downloaded from Bantu Photos.

What is stock photography?

Stock photography is an affordable, easy-to-use visual content depot where the attendant needs for creative projects can be met today without taking on the services of a professional photographer.

Stock photos are licensable images that can be used to enhance work it is integrated into.

It better helps to communicate editorial message, corporate and personal designs/projects, conventional or unconventional media.

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