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Financial Quest is a media company that is the publisher of Financial Quest magazine – a monthly development & finance journal. With its web portal – — the company provides news and policy analyses on Nigeria and other frontier markets of sub Saharan Africa.

Financial Quest is also the Promoter and Lead Organiser of Nigeria Development and Finance Forum (NDFF). The NDFF conference series is a colloquium which is hosted every year in leading (financial) capitals of the world. The purpose is to provide independent policy briefings and investment opportunities in Nigeria to the international community of policy, finance and investment, and Nigerians in the diaspora, showing Nigeria is now a major frontier market they need to invest in.

Our publications and events provide independent analysis of the Nigerian business and investment climates, Sub Saharan Africa’s political economy and global development issues. Our media contents support core and non-core functions of middle – top level professionals in government, private business and the social sectors.