A New Era in Nigerian Banking – Disruption; Innovation; and Tech Solution

A New Era in Nigerian Banking – Disruption; Innovation; and Tech Solution

A New Era in Nigerian Banking – Disruption; Innovation; and Tech Solution

Digital technology is the future of financial services in Nigeria. The rapid growth of digital technology and its penetration over the past couple of years have meant that customer needs are evolving at a quick pace. Regardless, most Nigerian banks have struggled to keep up with their users’ digital needs and have failed to deliver the right experience that allows customers to enjoy state-of-the-art financial services and technology.

Mintyn Online Bank, a Nigerian online, digital, and mobile bank, has stayed ahead of the curve by prioritizing a digital-first approach to providing financial services to its users. As a result, Mintyn Online Bank is ushering in a new era in the Nigerian Banking space by implementing a financial technology solution that adequately solves all your financial needs while providing a complete banking experience centered around comfort, ease, and rapid services.

A New Era in Nigerian Banking – Disruption; Innovation; and Tech Solution

Reap the benefits of modern technology with Mintyn Bank’s market-leading software.

Mintyn is well aware that customers desire a bank that helps minimize business operational costs and improve time to market. We emphasize cutting down on complexities and improving operational efficiency through our disruptive and innovative online banking solution.

Partnering with Mintyn Bank ensures you enjoy access to Banking as a Service, where we take end-to-end responsibility for accelerating your digital transformation. We have a world-class software portfolio rooted in open architecture and APIs, leveraging the full spectrum of SaaS capabilities to drive the digitalization of core banking value chains.

As a pacesetter in digital banking in Nigeria, we have internal expert personnel that has helped thousands of customers enjoy a competitive edge in business and a cutting-edge banking experience for users.

As part of its disruptive and innovative financial technology solution, Mintyn Bank has launched new products and services that guarantee ease and comfort for users and their banking needs. These products are positioned to help improve users’ utility, speed, efficiency, and control in their personal and business environments.

Pay Bills

Mintyn Bank offers a convenient and efficient bill payment system that allows users to pay bills without enduring the stressful conditions of carrying cheques or cash around. Some of the bills you can sort out using your Mintyn Bank app includes Mobile Recharge, Data bundle, Cable TV, Utility/Electricity, Betting and Gaming, Gift cards, and so on.


Use the Mintyn Bank transfer feature to send funds to family and loved ones and complete business transactions. Enjoy lightning-speed transfer of funds when you utilize the instant transfer feature, which ensures recipients receive funds within seconds of completing the transaction. With the bulk transfer feature, you can instantly send funds to multiple recipients. This feature is handy for Businesses that deal with different suppliers and personnel.

The Scheduled Transfer feature of the Mintyn Bank App allows users to utilize its automated payment system, which disburses payment according to the time and amount set by users. That way, users can schedule payments and send funds during periods they may be engaged.


Take advantage of Mintyn Bank’s savings feature to save funds for a rainy day. The Saving options provided by Mintyn Bank are structured to help users quickly and safely keep funds for future goals like getting that dream car, buying a house, paying tuition, and so on.

  • Emergency Funds: We are aware that we cannot be prepared for every outcome or situation in our lives as humans. Save up funds for possible future emergencies using this option from Mintyn Bank. You can decide to save up as much as you want at different times. These funds usually prove useful when unplanned needs arise.
  • Saving goals: This option is most suitable for users with specific goals they want to achieve through savings. It offers a savings plan where users can deposit set amounts within provided intervals, making it easy to save consistently.
  • Spend & Save: Here, you can easily save a certain percentage of funds you spend automatically. This helps promote a saving culture while providing that extra financial security when needed.
  • Roundup savings:


Users are not only able to save their earned cash with Mintyn Bank but are also allowed to earn from their savings through the investment feature. Providing an incentive for savings is the best encouragement for a savings culture, and Mintyn Bank offers an attractive package to make it worth your while. Through the Mintyn investment feature, users have several options to earn interest rates better than any provided by digital, online banks in Nigeria.

Below is a breakdown of investment options users can choose from:

  • 1-3 months at 9% per annum
  • 4-6 months at 10% per annum
  • 7-9 months at 13% per annum
  • 10-12 months at 16% per annum
  • 13-24 months at 18% per annum

Gift Cards

Get and receive gift cards from US, Canada, and UK merchants such as Starbucks, Buffalo Wild Wings, Amazon, Burger King, Walmart, Doordash, Adidas, and H&M. It doesn’t get simpler and better than how Mintyn Bank offers.

Mintyn Marketplace

Mintyn Bank is more than just a digital bank, as users enjoy so much more in value when it comes to banking. You can now shop for groceries, household supplies, utilities, provisions, drinks, and so much more from the comfort of your home and at your fingertips.

Simply log on to your Mintyn Bank app to enjoy the vast household supplies available at Mintyn. What’s more? You are afforded the chance to spend less and shop more when you do your shopping on the Mintyn Online Marketplace to buy cheap groceries. Who doesn’t love shopping?

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