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7 things to watch for when buying a house

Buying a house is a major dream for every Nigerian. It can be a very exciting and very scary prospect at the same time. This is especially so because in Lagos, Nigeria there is always the risk of fraud. Therefore, this guide is meant to explain the process everyone who is interested in buying a house in Lagos should  ensure that we do safely and properly.

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7 things to watch for when buying a house

  • Ground
  • Structure
  • Exterior Surfaces
  • Windows, Doors and Wood Trim
  • Roof
  • Attic
  • Interior Room


To avoid standing water, check Proper grading drainage . Confirm there are no  leaks from the septic tank or leech field



Ensure the Ridge and fascia board lines appear straight and balanced. The sides of house should appear straight, not bowed or sagging.Click here to for example

Exterior Surfaces

buy house

There should be adequate clearance between ground and wood siding materials (6″ minimum); avoid wood-to-earth contact. Masonry veneers: no cracks in joints, no broken, spalling or flaking components

Windows, Doors and Wood Trim

When buying a house, ensure the Wood frames and trim pieces are secure, no cracks, rot or decay. No broken glass (window or storm panes) or damaged screens, no broken double-paned, insulated window seals..Click here to for example


Composition shingles:

NNno curling, no cupping, no loss of granulation particulate, no broken, damaged or missing shingles, only two layers of roofing



Adequate ventilation, clear path into attic for air entering through soffit vents, adequately sized gable end louvers, all mechanical ventilation operational..Click here to for example

Interior Room

Windows and exterior doors operate easily and latch properly, no broken glass, no sashes painted shut, no decay; windows and doors have weather-stripping, “weep holes” installed


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