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2019 Presidential election results can be shocking to President Buhari

As @MBuhari Keeps Goofing, Should I Regret Campaigning Against Jonathan?

• By Chukwuemerie Uduchukwu

The goofs of the Present Buhari’s led federal government is so embarrassing that his supporters are ashamed. Nigerians voted for him not because he was an economic or developmental expert but because he was a better alternative. During 2015 election, Nigerians were put in state of confusion. A failed President & an ex dictator were major contestants. Then, compatriots battled to make choice between the two. Many observers knew that the retired General from Daura won’t be good in economy but were left with no better option.

The major reason Nigerians voted Buhari was due to the belief that he hates anything corruption. Goodluck Jonathan’s government was a Bazaar for thieves. At that time, Compatriots were eager to oust a government that stole authoritatively without giving a damn, thus elected Buhari president.

Meanwhile, the events of past few days were so embarrassing and shameful. They made us to wonder if this is still Muhammadu Buhari we campaigned for and voted. Recent events made us to wonder if this is still the no nonsense Buhari we knew. Like Jonathan appeared very weak in his government, President Buhari is becoming too weak and embarrassing. But should I ever regret campaigning against Jonathan? No! Despite Buhari’s present weaknesses, I will never regret campaigning against the gentleman from Otuoke. The shameless and authority stealings in Jonathan’s government were overwhelming that we had no option than to oust him. President Buhari should learn from the defeat of Jonathan. Nigerians are no longer in the stone age. 2019 Presidential election results can be shocking to him. If the President fails to sit up, Nigerians will not have option than to use their PVC against him in 2019. The heartbreaking part of the present embarrassments caused by President Buhari’s government is that there is no credible opposition. Assuming the President finally fails Nigerians by 2019, who will be the alternative? PDP can’t be an option. I pray Nigerians won’t be in another confusion in 2019.. If there is no credible alternative, we will sadly support the old man from Daura again. The President should better save Nigerians from another confusion and sad votings in 2019. He should better sit up. He should swallow these evil cabals around him or they will swallow him without pity.

– Chukwuemerie Uduchukwu

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