Procedures For Setting up Router for Gaming…

Setting up a router is not as easy as some may think, especially when it comes to intensive uses such as gaming where there’s no room for lag. In today’s day and age, many multi-player games require a good internet connection to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted gameplay.

But there’s a lot more to it than just having a high-speed internet. If not set up correctly, even a good internet connection can let you down in the most crucial of times and you might end up with a broken screen with your controller sticking out of it owing to all that rage. To put it simply, a gaming network has more to it than just a blinding internet speed and fancy hardware.

the financialquest router device

1. How You Can Get the Right Router

Aparently, the router is a “device that forwards data packets between computer networks”. Putting it in Layman’s terms, it is a device needed to “route” data to different users on the same network.

There’s a wide variety of routers out there, each with its own specs for different user needs. But with the advancement in the router technology, there are now amazing gaming routers available too which perform really well for 4k gaming.

Brands that offer gaming routers include D-Link with their DGL series, Netgear with their WNHDE111, Linksys with their WR330N and so on.

All the gaming routers differ from normal routers by the fact that they offer an adjustable Quality of Service (QoS). An adjustable QoS is vital for any gaming setup.


the financialquest routing device

2. Connections Type

Basically, first and foremost you need to figure out what type of connection do you intend to/can you. There are two types of connections: Wired or Wireless. In every way, a wired connection is better than wireless. Great! That settles everything, right? Just get a wired connection. Well, not really.

Nonetheless, is not everyone that can accommodate a wired connection. The reasons may vary but most cases involve it being restrictive or that it does not go with most house configurations. In this regard, a wireless network is all the more convenient, but it does give up on stability.
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3. Setting up QoS

Obviously, there are many users connected to an internet connection, each with their own use. In a typical household, not everyone needs internet just for gaming.

It’s usually limited to a few members but even if you have an internet connection with a decent speed, it may be affected by the simultaneous usage of different members and may result in a bad gaming experience.

This is where QoS comes into play. What it does is let you decide how you want your data to be routed. You can adjust it in such a way that, the router identifies the users who are gaming and prioritizes them leading to a better speed for gaming compared to other users on the gaming field.

the financialquest routing device

4. Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a secure network that acts as a tunnel between the user and the server. It helps connections to stay free of interruptions to ensure seamless communications.

A gaming VPN is essential as it, along with UPnP, further helps games access their servers along with offering the best latency and pings in the minimum possible. Best VPN services include VyperVPN, Windscribe and TunnelVPN.

After doing all these, you’re pretty much good to go. Although, it still recommended to understand what type of games you play, their network requirements and is advisable to read the instruction manual every once in a while, after this you are good to go…

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5. Security

NOTE: HThe next and probably the most crucial step here is the security. Most people ignore it thinking it’s not that important but that is not the case.

Every router comes with a default username and password to access its settings or to even access the internet. The default credentials depend on the brand but most its usually “admin” for both username and password.

Hackers know about these default credentials as they are available online and you may end up with a hacked router which is nothing short of a pain. It is a good practice to change the default credentials to those of your own while setting up a router to avoid being hacked out of your internet connection during a gaming session. However, that doesn’t sounds preety good so it’s a good idea to accommodate security by following the right step of the Gaming setting up procedures…

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6. Opening Ports

Most of the online games need to constantly send and receive data to and from their respective servers in order to function properly. If that is prevented, the connection might get lost and the gameplay can get interrupted. This communication is done through network ports.

Technically, some specific games require different ports to conduct this and it can get complicated to give a game access to each port manually. To solve this, you can use the Universal Plug N Play (UPnP) setting in your routers. What it does is automatically allow each individual game to use any ports they require to communicate and accessed.


Wale Tinubu, Ibe Kachikwu fly the Nigerian flag at Africa Oil Week 2018

Wale Tinubu, Ibe Kachikwu fly the Nigerian flag at Africa Oil Week 2018

Wale Tinubu, Ibe Kachikwu fly the Nigerian flag at Africa Oil Week 2018

Oando PLC Group Chief Executive, Wale Tinubu, Minister of State, Petroleum Resources, Dr Ibe Kachikwu, Executive Secretary, Nigerian Content Developing and Managing Board (NCDMB), Engr Simbi Wabote were key participants at the recently concluded 25th Africa Oil Week (AOW) in Cape Town, South Africa.

In addition to being a platinum sponsor, delegates from the Oando led by Wale Tinubu provided the Nigerian business perspective on various panels. Speaking on an economic outlook panel titled: “Can Africa’s Upstream Play a Significant Role in the Context of the Global and Regional Energy Landscape.”

Wale Tinubu said: “We have been substantially supported by the Government’s local content policies which have effectively enabled indigenous players step in and play a significant role in the sector. In Nigeria today, out of the 2 million barrels of oil being produced, 400,000 can be attributed to indigenous production.”

Alongside Wale Tinubu on this panel, were Jens Frølich Holte, State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway; David Hicks, Senior Vice President: Upstream, IHS Markit; Jasper Peijs, Exploration Vice President, BP; Mounir Bouaziz, VP Commercial/New Business Development South America & Africa, Country Chair Dubai & Northern Emirates, Shell and Paul McDade, CEO, Tullow Oil.

Dr Kachikwu spoke extensively on the oil sector’s impact on the Nigerian economy during the Ministerial Insights: National Exploration & Production Strategies’ panel. He said: “The oil sector has been a catalyst for growth in the Nigerian economy. It has also driven technology. Privately owned companies in Nigeria have gotten to a point where they can go to other African countries as investors and service providers.” The sessions covered various topics including future trends, hot spots and drilling programmes, governance, transparency and equitable growth, to future outlooks and energy transition outlook to 2050.

Also speaking on “Private Sector: Creating Equitable Frameworks and High Quality Local Supply Chains”, the Chief Operating Officer of Oando Energy Resources, Dr. Alex Irune said: “The indigenous private sector has an important role to play in taking the knowledge and value gotten from collaborating with the IOCs and other sector players in the country, transferring that down the value chain to build efficient and effective supply chains that are able to retain value in country.”

Oando’s participation at the conference further reinforces its position as the preferred indigenous oil and gas company in the country. The company has indeed carved a niche for itself as an independent indigenous oil and gas company flying the Nigerian flag at global events that shape the future of the sector and the world in general. Events such as the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, CERA in Houston, Oil Council, Africa Assembly, Africa CEO Forum, OPEC International Seminar, to name but a few.  At these events, Oando has engaged in open and transparent dialogue with a broad range of stakeholders to analyse and proffer solutions to global issues.

Access Bank has denied reports that it is in merger & acquisition talks with Diamond Bank Plc.

Access Bank denies merger, acquisition talks with Diamond Bank

Access Bank Acquires Diamond Bank

The management of Access Bank has denied reports that it is in merger & acquisition talks with Diamond Bank Plc.

The bank in a prompt disclosure sent to the Nigerian Stock Exchange, NSE, on Monday said it has not entered into any such discussion with Diamond Bank or any other institution.

The disclosure, signed by Sunday Ekwochi, Access Bank secretary, said the bank would not go ahead with such corporate action without appropriate disclosure to relevant authorities.

“As a publicly quoted company built on best practice, the bank is fully cognizant of its disclosure obligations in respect of any such corporate action and will always discharge its obligations in the most professional manner,” the disclosure said.

The bank, thereafter, urged the market and the Nigerian public to disregard any such information emanating from other sources other than the bank.

Earlier on Monday, Diamond Bank PLC had also denied that it is in ongoing discussions with Access Bank Plc over possible acquisition. A statement sent to PREMIUM TIMES by the spokesperson of the bank, Chioma Afe, described as rumour the purported ongoing discussions. The bank also made a prompt disclosure of same denial to the NSE Monday morning.

A report in The Nation newspaper on Monday claimed Access Bank was on the verge of acquiring Diamond Bank to increase its assets portfolio.

Although the report made no formal attribution for the acquisition plan, it however said the merger plan might materialize latest by the first quarter of next year.

According to the report, apart from an agreement in broad terms reached on the acquisition plan by both banks, both parties would soon commence assets valuation to enable them determine the level of compensation and systems’ integration.

Stakeholders’ interest in the development was heightened by the bank’s public records in recent months.

In October, Diamond Bank confirmed the immediate resignation of its chairman and three non-executive directors. They include Oluseyi Bickersteth, who was recently appointed the bank’s chairman; Rotimi Oyekanmi, Juliet Anammah and Aisha Oyebode, the affected directors resigned for varied personal reasons.

The bank said they resigned for various reasons but PREMIUM TIMES learnt the resignations were a fallout of a protracted dispute involving a major investor, Carlyle Group (NASDAQ CG), over the composition of the board of the bank.

On Monday, however, the bank in its disclosure debunked reports of possible merger with Access bank.

“We wish to state categorically that the bank is not in discussions with any financial institution at the moment on any form of merger or acquisition,” Ms Afe said.


Paul Adefarasin to host Timi Dakolo, Kirk Franklin, others at The Experience Concert 2018

The Experience 2018 Promotional Video

Pastor Paul Adefarasin, the founder and convener of the Experience concert Lagos will be hosting the 13th edition of the annual gospel concert in Lagos on the 7th of December, 2018 at the Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos, from 7 pm.

Pastor Paul Adefarasin explained in a statement that The Experience started as a thought inspired by God 13 years ago. The concert has now grown to be the biggest gospel concert in Africa, with a record of over 700,000 persons in attendance in 2017.

“The Experience started as a thought inspired by God in the mind of the Metropolitan Senior Pastor of all House on The Rock churches, Pastor Paul Adefarasin and is now unarguably the most anticipated gospel music event in Africa among Christians and non-Christians alike.”

The Experience 13 is themed “Jesus, Our Peace”, to highlight who Jesus is, especially in the world we live in today – the Prince of Peace. Pastor Paul Adefarasin further emphasized the importance of having peace pertaining to the 2019 elections.

“Peace (as I know it) is not the absence of tension but the presence of Justice,” he said. The concert, according to him, will be a continuous reminder that the God of Peace is with us.

Convened by Pastor Paul Adefarasin, The Experience 2018 will feature notable and celebrated Gospel artists from around the world such as Don Moen, Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin, Timi Dakolo, Travis Greene, Nathaniel Bassey, Vicki Yohe, Chioma Jesus, Tope Alabi, Eben, Tim Godfrey, Mike Aremu, Glowreeyah, Onos, Eno Michael and Chee. And for the first time at The Experience is JJ Hairston, Planetshakers and ADA.

The Innova Inverter Full Benefits And Functionalities..

The functionality of the Innova Inverter

This power offer pure sinewave inverters with capacity ranging from 1.5KVA to 3.5KVA, which are great for homes. Innova Inverter is a leading brand of backup power solutions in Nigeria. Innova power inverters are available for backup power supply for homes and businesses. Their built-in UPS makes them great for computers and for uninterrupted TV viewing. Innova Inverter Price ranges from 48,000 to 1.3 million Naira depending on the rated power output, whether or not battery and/or installation is included, your location, and bundled accessories.

The financialquest innova inverter

If you need more capacity, you can buy an Innova Inverter with power output from 5KVA to 10KVA. If in anyway you are not really sure of the type of inverter that better suit your home then check this guidelines out.

The high capacity inverters are recommended if you want to power appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners. They are also great for businesses and other commercial ventures.

Innova Inverter comes with built-in UPS which, which means you no-longer need to buy a separate UPS for your computer or TV/decoder. Innova also offer Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) 12V batteries with capacities of 100 Ah, 150 Ah, or 200 Ah.

Innova Inverter will switch to battery backup automatically once public power supply goes off.



Interestingly, you are already on the right way. meaning that, all you need is to contact us then we will refer you to some of our team tech on the financialquest board. Additionally, if probably you need some guideline about some specific solutions like, installation proccess or any related question, contact this IT professional…

Engr gbriel the financialquest IT Personnel.
Engr Gabriel Oddy +2348189280878

Bluegate Inverter and Battery System Affordability..

With as low as 60,000 Naira, you can now buy a low cost Bluegate Inverter that can match the power of your small ‘I big pass my neighbour’ generator, supplying enough power for your computer, TV, DVD player, etc.

All you now need is to buy an inverter battery and you will start enjoying backup power without the noise and the risk of Carbon Monoxide and Carbon dioxide poisoning.

Bluegate inverters offer fast charging time, ensuring your battery charge up quickly whenever the power is on. They are also compatible with power generators for charging during prolonged power failure. Bluegate Inverters offer pure sine wave, which supplies clean energy that will not harm or damage your home or office electronics, making them great for sensitive devices like TV and computers.

Bluegate Inverter also offer overload and short circuit protection and intelligent battery management. Additionally, you can also check the mercury inverter functionality.

The financialquest bluegate inverter

Bluegate Inverter Price & Availability

Low cost Bluegate inverter is available in Nigeria. Two models, the Bluegate BG1000 and BG2400, both of which deliver 640W and 1,400W respectively and are available at a price range of between 60,000 Naira and 100,000 Naira depending on your location in Nigeria.

Bluegate Inverter Prices

  • 1KVA / 12V – 60,000 Naira
  • 2KVA / 24V – 66,000 NGN
  • 3.4KVA / 24V – 130,000 Naira
  • 1.5KVA / 24V (Solar Hybrid) – 87,000 Naira
  • 3.5KVA / 24V (Rack Mount) – 155,000 NGN
  • 5.5KVA / 24V (Rack Mount) – 207,000 NGN
  • 10KVA / 192V – 494,000 NGN
  • 12V / 200V Inverter Battery – 102,000 Naira to 115,000 Naira
    The financialquest bluegate inverter price
    Watch THE BLUEGATE PRODUCT Video Here:

    Bluegate Inverter

    • Output Power: 640W, 1200W (BG2000)
    • Intelligent long time mode
    • Microprocessor controlled
    • Energy saving function with UPS green mode
    • Cold start
    • Intelligent battery management
    • SMD technology
    • Battery swappable
    • Bypass output
    • Voltage rating:20VAC
    • Frequency rating: 50Hz
    • Voltage range[Input]: Inverter mode: 120-300VAC/ UPS mode: 145-285VAC
    • Phase: Single phase
    • Frequency range: 38 – 70Hz
    • Voltage[Output] (Utility mode): Inverter mode: 160 – 260V/UPS mode: 190-260V
    • (Battery mode): 220VAC+10%
    • Frequency (Utility mode):same as utility
    • (Battery mode): 50Hz+1Hz
    • Waveform (Utility mode):Tracking utility
    • (Battery mode): sine wave
    • Power Factor:0.8
    • Protection: Overload/short circuit/overheat
    • Transfer time: 6ms

Interestingly, you are already on the right way. meaning that, all you need is to contact us then we will refer you to some of our team tech on the financialquest board. Additionally, if probably you need some guideline about some specific solution like, installation proccess or any related question, contact this IT professional…

Engr gbriel the financialquest IT Personnel.
Engr Gabriel Oddy +2348189280878

Need To View This PowerVerter-The Tripp Lite Inverter Price in Nigeria..

Tripp Lite inverters are available in two main types. The general purpose PowerVerter APS X inverters deliver PWM sinewave output and are suited for homes, while the PowerVerter APS INT offers pure sine wave output for sensitive equipment and can easily be mounted on racks and walls.

The financialquest trip lite inverter int TRIP- LITE- INVERTER- INT

 Basic Things To Know About Tripp Lite Inverter

The Tripp Lite Inverter system is a leading backup power solutions provider for businesses. Tripp Lite Power Inverters provide reliable backup power for your computer and electronic equipment. Both the Trip Lite general purpose APS X inverters and the PowerVerter pure sine wave APS INT inverters are available in Nigeria. If  at all after checking the speculative benefits you are still not okaay, you can check out the guideline of purchasing a backup power, this guide will put you through all the way.


Tripp Lite Inverter Price in Nigeria ranges from 100,100 to 500,000 Naira.

This makes the wall/rack mountable Tripp Lite Inverter great for server rooms, computer labs, IT/ICT assets, hospitals, or anyplace space economy is a big issue.

Both types come with UPS built-in. Tripp Lite Inverters are targeted at business and commercial applications.

The financialquest trip lite inverter TRIP-LITE-APSX-INVERTER

SEE HOW THE TRIPP LITE INVERTER INSIDE LOOKs, Kindly click on this screen to watch video!

Tripp Lite Inverter can serve as backup power supply for your IT infrastructure like server rooms, computers, as well as office equipment, computer labs, hospitals and clinics. They can also be used to power your home electronics.

Tripp Lite Inverter is a global brand when it comes backup power solutions. So, if you are looking for a Power Inverter from a reputable brand, you can’t go wrong with Tripp Lite.

The Inverter offers overload capacity (up to 200% in the wall mounted models), which makes them great with industrial tools.

The financialquest tripp lite aps inverter TRIPP-LITE-APS-INT-INVERTER

Such inverters can also handle inductive loads in the home like air conditioners and refrigerators. Tripp Lite Inverters also feature overload protection and fast transfer operations.


Interestingly, you are already on the right way. meaning that, all you need is to contact us then we will refer you to some of our team tech on the financialquest board. Additionally, if probably you need some guideline about some specific solution like, installation proccess or any related question, contact this IT professional…

Engr gbriel the financialquest IT Personnel.
Engr Gabriel Oddy +2348189280878

Trends set to Impact Nigeria’s Banking Industry

Trends set to Impact Nigeria’s Banking Industry

Source: Feranmi Ajuwon

The Nigerian Banking Ecosystem is changing. Increase in the use of the internet as well as the rise of cutting edge technological innovations in the financial services sector is shaping the advent of Digital Banks.

So far the impact of the internet economy and digitalization in the banking industry is seen in the increased move to retail banking and use of ebanking channels, which has further led to improvements in financial inclusion. According to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the total value of electronic payment (e-payment) transactions recorded in 2017 rose by 32.5 percent to N83.1 trillion in 2017 from N62.7 trillion recorded in 2016.

As digital transformations continue to shape the way banks do business, technology we know moves at a breakneck speed, and the numerous trends will continue to emerge and facilitate disruptions within the banking sector. This is not farfetched because of the increasing focus on Consumers’ Experience, Compliance and Collaborative Competition.

Financial technology (Fintech) has been a game changer in recent times, and there’s no doubt that it is here to stay. Following the shift to an Experience Era as Brett King, CEO of Moven puts it; fintech moved from been a back-end application for financial institutions to any technological innovation in the financial sector including innovations in financial literacy and education, retail banking, investment, loans & credits and even cryptocurrency. Fintech advancement has increased with banks becoming more customer-centric, while providing cross-channel avenues through which customers can transact with them. It is expected that more of this will continue into the future especially as banks continue to innovate and try to stay neck to neck with new technologies and collaborate with Fintech Companies rather than see them as threats to their business.

Even big banks within the Nigerian market with huge investments in legacy systems are beginning to adopt more nimble/dynamic operating approaches and introduce products that are in sync with the emerging digital economy. Zenith Bank Plc for instance has innovated several new solutions that enable its customers transact more conveniently, safely and quickly. These include the Bank’s Scan to Pay App which can be used by Zenith and non-zenith customers to make online and in-store payments in seconds through quick response (QR) code scanning on any internet enabled phone. The Bank’s mobile app is also very functional, easy to use and offers enhanced functionalities such as instant account opening for new customer  while its *966# Eazybanking service is now a favourite transaction channel for millions of Nigerians.

Another trend which is fast becoming a reality is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), as Big Data facilitates its integration into our everyday lives. AI is expected to help banks automate their processes seamlessly and improve customer experience. It will further impact the way banks accomplish their financial due diligence especially in risk management, credit allocation and fraud detection.

In relation to customer acquisition and retention, AI will go a long way in delivering intelligence about customer behavior and preferences which will help in the development of personalized responses, insights & product/service types tailored for each individual. Imagine being able to alert a customer about the decline in his/her deposits when it exceeds a threshold and then propose a loan related product; or being able to predict customers interests based on their withdrawal patterns. With Blockchain, Robotics and Chatbots gaining increased recognition, investment in AI is underway in Nigeria’s Banking Industry. A noticeable move within the industry is the adoption of an Enterprise Risk Management Framework and the use of Enterprise Resource Planning Suites.

Though banks are cautious in their adoption of cloud technology, the increased need to deliver quick deployment and faster go to market innovations in a digital economy can be accomplished with Cloud technology. Thus, for firms who seek to take advantage of scalability, lower costs, ease of operation and resilience; cloud based platforms will be the way to go. However as advised by Capgemini, “it is expected that banks will own and operate the cloud themselves with service providers taking increasing ownership and control of the cloud infrastructure as cloud computing matures and more rigorous controls become available”.

Alongside investment in big data technologies, banks now have to worry about the type of data collected, as well as the accuracy, availability and security of such data. With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the European Union, Data governance will become priority for financial institutions, as it compels both the institution as well as its support functions to embrace compliance.

While AI helps to identify customers’ needs and value added services that can be tailored to meet these needs; customer loyalty programmes are the specific vehicles that help to drive the impact of same towards increased patronage and retention. With customer experience becoming an increasing focus, with banks like Zenith ensuring to beef up its customer service networks; improvements in loyalty programmes such as the use of loyalty cards, reward cards, referral promotions, etc. will remain a key driver of customer retention in the banking space.

Feranmi Ajuwon is a freelance content writer and can be reached via


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